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LexLegal Limited is an international legal consultancy firm that located in the heart of London. Our areas of expertise and services include legal advice globally as well as immigration consultancy.

Our partner of legal professionals offer considered and comprehensive advice to make an informed decision. We resolve all complex immigration issues and Golden visa programs and work with clients from the initial stages throughout the process which could take up to three months. Clients receive concise and correct assistance while being kept informed of the case’s progress throughout all the stages.

Throughout the process we handle each application with integrity, confidentiality and dedication to our high client service standards. Our partners consist of qualified visa and immigrations consultants, property experts and immigration advisers. We invite you to contact us today regarding all your immigration needs for a Free Consultation. In addition, we extend an invitation to lawyers from all countries to connect with us to become part of our existing group of international lawyers network.

LexLegal Limited has been certified by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) as a registered immigration adviser (Level 1) company in United Kingdom. .

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals and families with the opportunity to leave their entire immigration process in our hands. Whether it is for permanent residency or obtaining citizenship our professionals handle all aspects to legally enter, work and live in a foreign country following the rules and programs set in place by individual governments.

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  • Immigration Consultancy 100%
  • Investment Consultancy 100%
  • Real Estate100%
  • Global Legal Services100%

Our Services

A friendly firm of professional legal experts with an outstanding global reputation. Our comprehensive service for individuals and corporate clients covers all aspects to enter and remain in the target country. We also help clients to obtain residence by investment, alternative citizenship and second passport giving you the freedom to do business, work, travel freely and give you long-term financial security.
Through our services we cover all your real estate needs as we know which countries viable options are to invest through property. We assist you through our network and partnerships with real estate experts in your target countries. We advise you on the top properties and prices for property investment visas and all your alternative accommodation needs too.
LexLegal experts save you time, money and speed up application processes which require apostille documentation. We ensure all documentation are legally authenticated which is a complicated process and could both delay and often lead to rejection of applications of citizenship, golden visa programs, immigration and many other reasons that require apostille documentation. Provide us with your original documents and leave the rest in the hand of our legal experts.
Since the signing of the Ankara Agreement in 1963 to give Turkish nationals the ability to remain in the UK if they set up business as self-employed individual, adjustments have been made over the years. Turkish nationals have our full guidance and assistance regarding the Ankara Agreement to make their transition into the UK as quick and effortless as possible. We help you to enter the UK, extend your visa and apply for permanent settlement.








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